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We provide a full range of professional services and “best of breed” software solutions to thousands of customers. Our range of software solutions automates financial statement and assurance engagements, streamlines tax management processes, enables simplified time and billing as well as takes care of secretarial duties.

CaseWare Working Papers
Software so advanced it thinks for you

CaseWare Working Papers is the ultimate end-to-end solution. The financial statement software handles the entire engagement from start to finish, in one integrated system.

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Auditing that is almost out of this world.
Our happy clients

"We have been impressed by the levels of support we continue to receive from CaseWare Africa—we are on a journey with them, and I expect us to continue to develop new ways of leveraging the software’s functionality."

"We’ve seen great ROI – audit fees are down, and we have a working template we can just roll forward. It would be unimaginable to go back to work life without CaseWare."

“At the end of the first financial year after we installed CaseWare, we realised the impact it was going to have. The fact that we could do our own financials, instead of relying on outsiders, was of great benefit.”

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  2. CamelSa
  3. CFO
  4. Cigfaro
  5. CPAK
  6. Accountants in Nigeria
  7. MIPA
  8. Munsoft
  9. OS Holdings
  10. PAFA
  11. Sage
  12. Saiba
  13. Saica
  14. SAIPA
  15. Sait
  16. W. Consulting
  17. Xero
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